Monday, March 19, 2007

more Ghosts, Dogs & Kings

This is Xylenoid 99.

This is Sun Rizzle.

This is Suite Poteeto

This is the IFO Poly Glot Glot (identified flying object)

This is Banne Anne Uh.

This is Noble Circle 7.

This is Beeborboob.

Here is some spray-paint i found at an estate sale the other day. I'm quite pleased with the can of legendary "Icy Grape", also the dopeness of the blue de Bois can's design can't be denied.

We watched the 1991 WWF Survivor Series last night. The late 80s & early 90s are a weird period of time. I remember them REALLY clearly. Neon & mullets. The future. Randy Macho Man Savage is an amazing person.


Aeron said...

You've captured the colors of that time period well. It's weird how any color combination, the more bright and outlandish, the more it worked back then.

Human Mollusk said...

Brilliant characters Sean! Great stuff.

Luke P. said...

Yes! This needs to be packaged and sold as trading cards.

SEAN said...

That's the plan. I'm working on the extras right now! I've just got to knock out 40 or so of them & then make all the backs. Lots of work, but it's fun.

zeke said...

Hey Sean, I'm really enjoying these critters! are you gonna have 'em published? hope so!