Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fly Trap


Aeron said...

Bitchin, made me think of Kraid, Kraig? from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles. And I just noticed the fly going into the glass dome, whatever experiment is going on here, the results are going to make some freaky creepazoid shinnanigans.

zeke said...

Cheers Aeron!
This is a page from a strip I'm working on inspired by a Roberto Matta painting 'Black Virtue'.The painting has what sort of looks like a translucent skull hanging in space and it reminds me of the Egyptian Anubis myth where the hearts are weighed. So thought I'd so a story about what happens to the fly's soul after it's swatted.
I don't know Kraid from TMNT, I did a search but couldn't find the critter, what does it look like?

mostyn said...

cool pic. drawn then digital right? nice

Paleo said...

i think i liked it even more if it were just black & white.

Can't wait to see the finished strip though!