Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monster Squadron

Another loose unfinished digital collage I threw together. I don't know where I'll take this but I'm picturing this as the upper right corner of a larger landscape scene with a gigantic rotting head being pulled on wheels near the center of the composition. And evil as fuck bat things flying out of its gaping mouth.

Also, I noticed my name on Pitckfork Media.


Human Mollusk said...

Hey Aeron, love this new one!
Great characers! Perhaps it would give the arrangement a bit more depth if they overlapped at a few points.

Aeron said...

Thanks Fufu, and Good idea about the overlapping, yeah this does look really flat at the moment. I just threw the characters onto the screen and will worry about contrasts, shadow effects, additonal texturing with light reflections, etc that will give it more dimensionality later on.

I'm having fun just throwing together these half finished pictures so I can come back later and really develop the better ones into finished works to include in my Moth storybook.

zeke said...

Looks great, hurry up and finish it dude, I wanna see it!