Sunday, August 31, 2008

Witch's Head

In light of Aeron's Halloween Witch project, i thought i'd post a cool giant Witch's Head from the Enchanted Forest just an hour from my home in Oregon. The whole theme park is just plain fantastic, but this Witch's Head was one of my favorite elements. No art from me online for a while, i'm working on projects, but i'm blogging like a motherf*cker on my other blogs, go check 'em out.

Witch's Head

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19091977 My personal blog of fairly random & off the cuff bits.
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zeke said...

Wow! Would love to visit that theme park! How mind boggling must it look from a kid's perspective?!
The Daily Hitler blog's very funny, haven't checked the others out yet but defo will do.

Uland said...

I'd kind of forgotten that you blogged so much elsewhere. reading the 1909-1977, I remembered why I thought your worldview was so awesome when I first read your blog, pre-EBD.

Aeron said...

Awesome, and it reminds me of a story concept I've had in my head for awhile about a giant witch in a forest who died but whose remains became the homes of forest creatures that take on unnatural shapes and abilities through the dark magic remains of the witch. A sort of voodoo witchy version of radioactivity. A dead witch takes thousands of years before that black energy goes away!

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Sean, are you familiar with Jean Tinguely's "Monster in the Forest"?

Paleo said...

"Daily Hitler" cracks me up.