Thursday, August 28, 2008

new ink "Fighters"

Ok, I'm back; done moving into the new house. I'm happy to say this is my first ink that I've done in the new place. In my fictional world that I've been working on, "The Fighters" are in the enforcers of the will of the "Six Virtues" (the high priests). The lightning bolt insignia on their chest was not only inspired by Neitzche's superman but actually Captain Marvel, in DC's Kingdom Come. I derived the name from the movie Dune by David Lynch. In the film there is a seen where a woman (a Fremen) gives birth to a baby and he is deemed a "fighter" by the man delivering him. I found that to be fascinating, since it reminded me so much of a more insect-like society, where you're born to a purpose.


Aeron said...

Great concept, if you were to do another one like this you might try to take advantage of the black spaces more by putting things like the knife blades inside it to emphasize their shapes better.

I could also see these characters in some ancient ceremonial interior with the lightning symbols on large tapestries hanging down walls.

And I'm glad to see your pursuing this fantasy world with ever more details. I'm working on two fantasy worlds of my own and know that it is a fun and exciting process, although very time consuming!

Uland said...

Yeah, I'm excited by the idea of your world fully fleshed-out. I think the creation of that world is a worthwhile end in itself.
Are there plans to stitch it all together into one big unit- a comic, or what have you?

zeke said...

It's interesting seeing work inspired by 'Dune', I love those books. Have you ever tried drawing Leto II?
The style of the outfits reminded me of the cover to TG's Second Annual Report.

Unknown said...

Thanks Aeron, for the input as always.
Uland, I'm letting this thing just evolve, and I'm focusing on just making the world. Having said that-it could definitely end up being a comic someday, or some sort of a story. No promises though. I started designing the architecture, we'll see how that's gonna develop.
P.S. I saw some of Siudmak's illustrations of Dune, I was very disappointed. My impression was that, that guy never read any of the books. Becasue their filled with such extraordinary detail, all I saw in his work was just Siudmak doing "his" art as a favor for a Dune book.
Zeke, What's T.G.? Leto II, oh man, god emperor of dune is my favorite book. I've been somewhat obsessed with it. However, the images I've seen of artisit's attempting to draw Leto II are really pathethic, and they look like typical sci-fi crap. Leto II is a metaphor in my mind, and presenting him without making him look like a terd with a human head is very challenging. I'm working on an ink that features one of the scenes from that book. I have very much minimized Leto II in this image; in the sence that I want him to be part of the enviornment. I dunno, it's a very challenging issue.
P.S. I saw some of Siudmak's illustrations of 'Dune'. I was very disappointed. My impression was that, that guy never reaaly read any of the books. Because they're filled with such extraordinary detail, all I saw in his work was just Siudmak doing "his" art as a favor for a Dune book. I think they shoud leave illustrating books to illustrators.

Unknown said...

sorry for the line up, the P.S. didn't delete when it was supposed to.

zeke said...

Are you going to post your Leto illustration? i'd love to see it so hope you do.
I tried drawing Leto II myself once, so may post that at some point.
'TG' is a reference to the band 'Throbbing Gristle', no idea how to sum up that mighty band so will be lazy and just post a link to their site:

Jeffrey Meyer said...

That's funny, I was just going to say all your work has reminded me of Jodorowsky's attempts to make a DUNE film.

I also get a sort of Central American ruins/heiroglyph vibe from your stuff, really great, like remnants of alien visitations.