Friday, December 26, 2008

boue froide (teuffeur)


Aeron said...

Great compositions in all of the panels, you might consider shifting the panels into a less conventional arrangement and turn the gutterspace into a more... abstracted design. Maybe tilt some of the panels, have something over lap over a gutter space, things like that.

Anonymous said...

Gutter space? What do you mean the black part out the images? I already though about patterns there or something; I’ve tried different things but for the moment I haven't managed to have something which works. Well I have a page which works I may post it someday.

zeke said...

Would you like help translating this? would be nice to read it.

SEAN said...


Gaspard Pitiot said...

Thank you for your translation offer Zeke this comics is three pages long. But I’m not sure I want to publish it… May be just in French someday and in a small zine? I don’t know. Actually the best page is the one I posted here. I may need in the next future you to check English texts (you know the kind of stuff you won’t put on a translation forum…) Anyway if you want to know what there is inside this comix page, that’s the text:

1: Eat nails.

2 Do you know that Nod is in mental institution? He bit a pig.

3 punk music (background): Chromosome Y. In blood happiness. Mother am I a killer. “Do you want to go in a teuff (small unformal rave with hardcore noisy tekno)”

4 “yes.”

5 “ok we park here. Look if you see some ravers passing by.”

6 Cold mud. Agaiihine.

The guy didn’t stay long in mental institution because he actually hasn’t got big problems. But yes it was funny to know that he bit a policeman.

Paleo said...

So? good drawings, but..
What a Policeman tastes like?

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Cheers. I'll ask him!