Thursday, December 18, 2008

Show Yer Desktops

Alright, let's see em. Feel free to edit into this post to update your desktop image into it. Make sure to include your name so we know whose is whose. Mine is a screenshot I took from the German documentary film on witches, Haxan. I've had this as my desktop for a good half year and am about due for a new one. - Aeron

Here goes mine, it's some kind of bubblegum machine insert. ~Mr. Sean.

Mother with dead child (käte kollwitz) *Agaiihine That's what it looks like on my computer. I quite like the way it increases the weight...
Paleo here

i have this snappy Picasso faun at the center of my screen

That Kollwitz drawing is breathtaking.


Aeron said...

That gator pic is awesome! Those hungry hungry hippos don't stand a chance!

Human Mollusk said...

I did have Breughel's Triumph of Death as a dektop background for a while but right now I'm afraid it's just the neutral green-blue color that comes with the OS. I mostly find images a bit distracting when the peak out between the windows while I'm working on something else.

But that still from Haxan is fantastic, Aeron. I don't think it's a German film though, danish or scandinavian is more likely, maybe swedish? Anyway, great film!

Aeron said...

Ah, I was always under the impression it was German for some reason. You're still in Germany, right? Have you ever been to Simmertale? I have a lot of close family that live there, uncles, cousins, etc, last name of Korn.

Anonymous said...

häxan is a danish film.