Monday, December 29, 2008

Fangus Foetus

This is a Hideshi Hino inspired sketchbook drawing.


Aeron said...

Awesome pic, I'm picturing this being one small part from a much larger, insanely weird, hideous, disgusting, eyeball popping, and gut spilling, plant of some kind.

Also, did you get my email from the other day? I'm trying to get my deadlines in order for the next month.

And someone I'm doing art for is mailing me a bitchin Hideshi Hino toy with Hino's autograph on the box. It's cool that the box is autographed but now I can't open it!!! I think he's a samurai so there's probably some weird curse that happens if you open something with a samurai's name on it. Like that night I'd be haunted by a bunch of Hino monsters coming out from the walls, under the bed, etc. But it would backfire on those suns of bitches because I'd be wanting to go drinking with them and hang out, maybe convince a few to pose for a drawing.

SEAN said...

Look, i know i have a veiny eyeballs fetish & everything, but this is one of my favorites of yours so far Zeke.

Uland said...

Yes, this one is spectacular. That kind of hyper rainbow-washy scheme is awesome, plus TITE INKS.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps!
I've been really getting into this brush pen I've had for some time but not quite gotten the hang of before.
This is a practise run for some larger drawings I'm having a go at for an exhibition next feb.
Would really like to print this on a white t-shirt if opportunity arises.
Aeron, I got your email, will defo get back to you on that one. Damn, you gotta crack that Hino creature open! , just have a camera ready to capture the demon explosion...
Sean, did the stuff I sent arrive yet?
Uland, I used good old Posca markers for the colours, then messed withy 'em in illustrator.

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Verry beutiful

Paleo said...