Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I was wondering folks do you know this band (eighties) ?

More: Salut à toi , Et hop (puppet show), lobotomie

HC mix: Vive le feu (riot), la mort au choix (Riot) HXC mix : "I will burn your family." "That’s the life we’ve chosen. There’s only one certitude: none of us will sit at the right hand of god."

I’m currently drawing a comics. It will be a realistic story about the small free parties (HC tek) which take place around Gre each week end.


Anonymous said...

well,of course i know berurier noir, since i'm now into punk'n'deathrawk.
i also sometimes swap c-90-tapes with jacques "la commissure" mouton, with him recording french-speakin' punk/new wave to me, 'n i'm givin' him tapes with swedish'n'german stuff back. i think that on all tapes i got from jacques, there was atleast 2 songs from berurier noir on each of 'em.
they RAWQ!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Ah, cool… I don’t know really how famous they are outside France. The first time I listened to them I was 13 years old. We used to watch Viva Bertaga (1989) over and over on Wednesday afternoons (I realised yesterday that actually it wasn’t their last concert…)
BTW Crippa, collect some old pictures of yours and etc… and start to post! Also are you registered on the EBD group?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm registered...somewhere. 'n yep!, i will post some of my ol'pics sooner or later, after zeke instruct me on how to actually do it.
btw, some of the other stuff on jacques mix tapes are metal urbain, charles de goal, marquis de sade, oberkampf, davy jones know these french bands aswell?

Gaspard Pitiot said...

I didn’t know them; interesting. Les Berrus are considered to be the most famous punks in France (have a look at wikipedia to know more about them, it’s interesting). The quotes I translated on my post are from the tekno mixes (Actually les berrus wouldn’t say stuff like that: nothing about destiny or metaphysics in their songs ; their themes are really punk, and as well the riots aren’t the ones which took place after their concerts, those images are more recent –two or three years ago). If you want to have a look at bands related to BXN: Ludwig von 88, Les Garcons Bouchers.
Crippa you bone idle! You don’t need Zeke to make your first post it is easy you know! Also, we are planning on making a livre sans poche I hope you’ll be part of it (have a look at the EBD discussion group).

zeke said...

You can download Metal Boys from this blogspot:

Anonymous said...

nothing is "easy" for me when it comes to computers! well, i do know how to check my e-mail'n'post "anonymously" here...but well, that's it!
'n please do checkout some of the before mentioned bands. there's also some new good french coldwave/deathrawk that i could recommend you if you want.
p.s! btw zeke, whattabout this metal boys?...did you mix 'em up with metal urbain?

Anonymous said...

I have already checked; thanks. Recomand me whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

some new french bands:
camp z, deadchovsky, joy disaster, jacquy bitch, katzenjammer kabarett, frustration, cemetary girlz, sleeping children, crimson muddle, wallenberg etc etc.
then i forgot to mention jad wio before. they're really good, but still my absolute favorite french band is les rita mitsouko and their "c'est comme ca". it's a fxxkin' great video to that song!