Friday, December 19, 2008


Hello! I realized i haven't been posting much here lately, but i've been doing lots of freelance work lately, which is very fun. Also, gearing up for Christmas.

These are some maps i did where me & the director had some communication problems & i went a way too crazy on them. So, you get to see them early & i go back to the drawing board! I like this style though, i'll probably do some more stuff using this concept.
map del crazy

map merv

Here's M1 of Dead Prez with the Tofurky lunchbox i designed. My work is all over their website as well. Pretty weird to see people at Sundance sporting my ephemeral crapola. The lunchbox is being called "classic".
M1 of Dead Prez with my lunchbox

AND, a new seasonal Mr. Sean's Showbag. This one is for the New Year, which is my way of saying a universal Merry Christmas to all ragtag nonconforming individualistic cultures out there. I'm pretty obsessed with Punch & Judy.

Mr. Sean's New Year's Showbag

You can get one for yourself or for some kids you know for $5 a pop. They include... a bunch of candy, gum, plastic toys, chinese finger trap, party popper, glow-stick, pogs, pack of Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps cards & the new FREE INSIDE Goblinko cereal box art mini-zine (full color) & whatever else i've got that's exciting lying around.


Aeron said...

That's amazing that you got your artwork on a lunchbox! Do you have one of your own?

I love Punch and Judy too, I had an awesome tshirt I wore in highschool with some vintage woodcut with Punch beating the holy crap out of Judy.

And that blood orange red against the sky blue works really great. Great design work on there.

Human Mollusk said...

I'm loving the shit out of the "map"(?) - you should make a tileable pattern out of it , and cover everything from bed clothes to wallpaper with it.

Bag and lunnchbox are also awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am sending you $20 after xmas. so save me a showbag, a copy of all your other zines and a bunch of sticker packs. MErry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Paleo said...

Man, that map is so amazing, everybody make sure to check the larger version in flickr.

the oranges over the blue are hot-seating my eyes, and i like it!

Gaspard Pitiot said...

Cool ; BTW Sean, I received your stuff. I like the way the cards are packed: Very easy to unstick ; It is not necessary to tear them and then it is possible to keep the packaging. I like as well the way there are loads of little statements.

zeke said...

Fantastic, wonder how many young minds you've managed to warp into shape so far...
That Tofurky lunchbox's just too cool, what a bizarre foodstuff.