Friday, July 24, 2009

Liquid Television

The assignment was to redesign the title sequence for MTV's Liquid Television. Took me two weeks to draw and animate in flash.

I was a big fan of this series, which aired under a different name in Australia and Asia... The show was my first exposure to many of my favorite cartoonists, Mark Beyer and Drew Friedman among others.


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

This is really cool, who made the music? What kind of stuff is MTV showing these days?

manosturbo said...

I have no idea! I had this animatic synced to Air Conditioned Nightmare by Mr. Bungle, but when I uploaded it Youtube disabled the audio because the song was copyrighted by the Warner Music Group. I used the Audioswap function to select replacement music from youtube's audio track library that kind of matched up to the movement in the video.

I'm partial to Usavich:

Bream Halibut said...

That's pretty gnarly. i remember watching liquid television in middle/high school, there was some good stuff on there that i'll probably never see again. in particular i remember this short cartoon where a guy's toilet bowl breaks under his weight and a shard slices off one butt-cheek -- the rest of the episode was just his cat chasing the gelatinous, bouncy (but sticky on the one flat side) mass around his dingy house. pretty cool.

i think these days it's mostly "reality" tv but that might just be hearsay.