Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Boy With The Troll's Heart.

The boy with the Troll's Heart
Brandishing his little knife, Yoan held up a turnip, yelling to the troll that he had stolen his heart. The troll, terrified, was ready to do whatever Yoan asked, starting with the destruction of the witch's house.
Troll Slave
Trolls can probably be domesticated for use by evil wizards. They lose alot of their crusty natural layers & end up looking like this.


Aeron said...

I love the classic storytelling. I'm picturing a wizard cracking a giant whip at the back of the domesticated troll.

The Troll heart concept gave me a weird idea. What would grow from the ground were you to bury a Troll heart? I'm picturing some very strange roots with ugly stinking cranky belching farting cursing vegetation clawing its way to the surface.

Human Mollusk said...

Great drawings, and they work even better with the backstories.

Sean, Aeron, you might get a kick out of Walter Moers' fantasy novels, for example Rumo or The City of Dreaming Books. Moers used to be one of the most well-known cartoonists in Germany, then a couple of years ago he started writing books. While I didn't care so much for his cartoons I like his novels quite a bit. They feature really elaborate worlds filled with weird creatures and walk the thin line between children's and adult literature and between the dark and the funny. They remind me both of your Hob Bob setting (Aeron) and your Goblin and Troll worlds (Sean). His books are also always richly illustrated by himself, which makes them even more interesting reads. I just checked and saw that they've also been translated into english.

Another cool one is A Wild Ride Through the Night, a fantastic tale featuring young Gustave Dore as the protagonist. It's based on and illustrated with 18 of Dore's illustrations.

Paleo said...

I always love everything you do in this style Sean, but c'mon, you gotta follow up the Yoan story, a turnip/troll scam, that's great stuff!


Aeron, i love the extrapolations you do from the pictures. What indeed would happen if you planted a troll heart? I think i'll find out. Probably some kind of vines.
Fufu, thanks for the recommendations. It all sounds quite interesting.
David, thanks! Yes, an actual full version of this story is in the works.