Saturday, July 04, 2009

Master Ingels

I've been looking through all the EC annuals I bought earlier this year covering the entire runs of Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, Crime Suspenstories and Shock Suspenstories. Since I have been deciding I didnt want most of my comics anymore, since most of them pale next to a lot of the art I've been seeing on the internet and in fine art/classic illustration books I've been buying. I've certainly benefitted from this discriminating hard-to-please attitude I've been getting.
I was originally going to scan all my favorite Ingels images and post them like what Mr Meyer did with Kirby,, but the task was just far too enormous and overwhelming and the copyright holders may have not approved of posting so much. So I was pleasantly surprised that most of his comics really were worth keeping,, and some things really are sometimes worth the hype((the art, not the overwritten repetitive style of the writing)). For all that has been said about Berni Wrightson,, and my more recent love of the sweaty stinking bulbous pussfilled art of Rudy Palais, the sheer black nastiness of Bernard Bailey and other foul artists like Tom Sutton, Al Eadeh, Bob Powell, early hellish Ditko, Russ Heath, Bill Everett and many many more ((I'm exaggerating a little here so dont beat me up if any of these artists are not as nasty and hellish as you imagined they might be,, but they are certainly darker than your average horror comic artists))).
Ingels really was a great artist and I dont think anyone has stole his crown yet. I'm going to clip all his pages from those comics. If they release a complete Ingels book, i will have just cut up a lot of comics I could have sold,, but it's too late now, i've wasted a hell of a load of money as it is,, but I think it's going to be nice to have this big chunk of Ingels pages, with a few Johnny Craigs here and there.

I beg you to go to or a similar site and download those 5 EC titles and clip out lots of Ingels pictures. Dont read them,, just look at them.

Nice re-colored classic cover
Painting 1
Painting 2
One of my favorite stories with a really cool monster

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LOVE IT ALL! WOW! Thanks for pointing this artist out to me.