Thursday, July 16, 2009


salsiccia color
NO SPAM HERE. Maybe it's the all-caps. Wouldn't it be amazing if all of the arguing on our posts was actually generated by spam-bots? WHOAH!


Anonymous said...

The colors are really good in th is one, nice blend of earth colors along with the muted red and greens, it really works and emphasizes that grimy old village vibe.

And I don't know about that spam deal, I wonder if some of the text that I quoted from the Gallery post had something to do with it? Really weird.

- Aeron

Anonymous said...

Sean: good picture!

Have a look at those comments on my post (click on the author's name):

They are spams I guess. You can remove the post if you think it's better; that's fine.


Gogœme said...

Shit! There's one also on Soren's interview! It's fucked up I don't want this post to be removed there are links from several friend's blog to it. May be just remove the "bad" comment?

Fuck ! I wanted to ask you for an invite at the end of the summer time to post new interviews and to inform you about my new works. But there was no rush. Do you think we were reported as a spammer because of these comments? Do you want to send me an invite and give me the power to remove those comments, and email me the address of the organisation which reported us as a spammer so I ask if it is related to those comments and try to find a solution?


Gogœme said...

Sean, why did you delate Uzi reptoid?

Human Mollusk said...

It looks really great in color, Sean.

Gogoeme, it's possible to remove individual comments, no need to delete the whole post.
I'm fairly certain we were flagged because of the post about galleries with entry fees, but I could be mistaken.

Gogœme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gogœme said...

Yea I know... But I don't know how spams work, could there be connections to the posts?

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Much better with color, this one is.