Friday, July 03, 2009

The Last Known Picture Of Joseph Merrick

Here is my contribution to the David Lynch art show going on at The Alcove Gallery in Georgia next week. I printed it at 16 x20. There was a weird side effect of printing a black and white work on a color printer, a strange violet hue and metallic effect in the white areas. It looks fucking amazing in printed form. Some damn fine artists will be contributing to the show such as Chet Zar, Dan May, Aaron Nather to name a few, I'm honored to have my work in their company. Info on the show can be found here.


Paleo said...

this fits just right after the post on Ivan Albright!

I particularly love the hands, they project a lot of character, even the way both hands -so different- rest peacefully in front of each other, give your Merrick a lot of the dignity Lynch tried to portrait him on his film.

Then again, as John Waters said after seeing "The Elephant Man":
-Kill the ugly fucker already!-

Gogœme said...

Solemn... Three dimentions. Very good.


Very nice. I really like the way the little hand & the way it interacts with the sleeve came out, something very satisfying there. Also, the little eyes.