Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The walled city of Salsiccia

Here's the underground bit. It's a bit absurd at this size, make sure to click on it for a bigger version. This is for a gazetteer i'm working on.


Aeron said...

For a second I was looking at that white building above the fountain and was thinking it was a steep street San Francisco style. I dig these city scenes, you might think of adding some sort of water canal if you do another?


One of them Lombard type streets would be pretty fun, but this whole scene goes down into the cavernous section of the city. Canals are great! I'm not sure if there are canals in this city yet... i think there are more tunnels than canals right now.

Human Mollusk said...

Awesome setting, is that for your roleplaying game?
I wonder though if houses built underground would look like that, with steep, tiled roofs and all... well, perhaps to ward off the water dripping from the cave ceiling.


Yessir. There will be a whole booklet with lots of details to be used for gaming or just entertainment. As for the roofs, you're right in terms of function, but it's the style. The city started aboveground, but then they ran out of room & started building in their marble quarries.


Speaking of which, i was almost going to build them up in sort of mud dauber wasp style, all organic, but then i realized that while that stuff can look cool, when i was just looking over my Roger Dean books the other day, i found myself quite irritated with his organic forms & all. In a way, they seemed "anti-human" to me.

Aeron said...

You should read up on Edinburgh or more specifically, The Edinburgh Vaults. Original parts of the city were built on top of, leaving original city streets in weird underground passages. The town inspired the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story.


A 40 minute documentary on the town can be viewed here - http://www.guba.com/watch/2000808979