Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm continuing my manic streak of 2010. It might be the music i'm listening to (a steady stream of KISS, AC/DC, New York Dolls, Slade, Suzi Quatro & the Dictators) or just how i want things to be (F*CKIN' MANIC), but it's great either way. My only conundrum lately has been my relationship with the occult & whether or not it's good or bad. I feel a bit like Little Richard, with his tendencies towards totally debauched Rock & Roll fagg*t lifestyle & conversely, his desire to be a good man under the eyes of GOD. On one hand, i think that if GOD gives two shits about us little critters on this rock, GOD probably doesn't really care if we dabble in the darkness, the weirdness, the chaos & the obscure. Just exploring creation man. BUT, then there are the tribal gods, & that one worshiped by the Abrahamites is always looking over my GODDAMN shoulder! While Thor & Mithra are taking me by the hand & Baphomet is lurking in the shadows... luckily one of my best friends is a priest & he GUARANTEES i'm not going to hell. So... i should probably just continue onwards & upwards.
Fabulous Mario
Fabulous Mario
Kid Vidiot
Kid Vidiot
Side Scrollers in my Universe


Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...

Hi guys, nice to see you back Zeke… I haven’t got much time to comment but loads of cool stuff round there.

Sean: that’s some French Hip Hop it’s a caricature but I’m sure you may be interested… just chocking things I guess you won’t understand the lyrics they are just worst than the images…


If the link doesn’t work just have a look on you tube: Batards de Barbares Sheitan...

‘n this one is real:


But same problem with the lyrics… Basically gang sort of things etc. ‘n if you like dogs have a look on this one at: 5:24


Oh my god... that French gangster rap is pretty scary. I like that one guy dressing like a sheik, do the Muslim kids dress like that ever? Totally nuts.

Aeron said...

You're on a roll with these wacked out characters, keep it goin! You should consider a large composition with a bunch of these crazy mothers, maybe take some inspiraton for the background from a side scroller videogame?

Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...

Yea cool I knew you would be interested by hip hop.

In the first clip they try to create a sense of terrorism. So they use Muslim clichés for this purpose as well. But it is ambiguous. In the part of Grenoble where I live (there are many Arabic origins in my quarter, my street was more of an Italian mafia place), people who wear the traditional stuff are actually very educated and discrete and gentle. I really like my street. Kids won’t dress like that, 30 years old people may, but not many, and some of them may wear snickers as well so it is just strange, and it is cool. It is just the same with women, it is ambiguous because they manage to wear traditional rigorous clothes and at the same time use make up and mix very beautiful coloured things with the deep black veil and just look like top models… Not sure you know what I mean.

So the first video is a call to prostitution, terrorism, murder and massacre. “I unbury your grand mother and rape her, ‘n if you’re not happy I rape your father” “god forgive them because they don’t know anymore what they do” “I piss on you little son of a whore” “you skin unstuck, you shout like a wore” “you fag” “I prostitute your sister, I sell your mother on the Internet” “I call to hatred, rape and massacre, napalm” “I am the leader” “you’re dynamite, I am the trigger” “barbarous bastards” this sort of things… It isn’t Muslim terrorism at all, it is more like ghetto insurrection actually… A fiction for a movie, a pretext to make chocking images. Some people were chocked by this video for several different reasons.

The second one is about giving respect to “bad boys”, social cases, thieves, mental cases, prisoners, etc. It expresses also admiration to “their sisters”, it is said in a way which would be considered very chauvinistic, some of the most chauvinistic French rap ever. I quite like their "reaction" to right wings politician polemics which are based on anti-Muslims sort of politically correct crap. Well not sure I like but I just think it is logical, counter-points and aftermaths... very sharp... and sincere… and full of love (it is a paradox I guess). Most of them aren’t Muslim, or they just don’t know any subtlety of this religion and they just know the chocking things which they use to express opposition and identity, many of them actually don’t like traditional ways of life.

All the clothes you can see except the traditional things are the way they dress.

zeke said...

Think I'm having feelings for Mario.. it's the paunch.
Be cool if the burger buns lifted up to reveal a pickle/eye that shoots at you.