Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Invasion Vs. Shackleton 12"


Hi Folks, I'm back on the blog, thanks to Gaspard and Sean for asking me back. Here's the sleeve for a 12" remix by Shackleton, the music reminded me of Steve Reich's overlapping patterns, so I tried to reflect this in the art.

Invasion Vs. Shackleton 12"



This is cool Zeke. The triangle has a very nasty feeling to it.

Aeron said...

Glad to have you back on here, Zeke! Crazy imagery as always, I dig that sack of abstracted cartoon meat in the triangular shape. Makes me think of some creatures being sacrificed so their flesh can take on the form of some unnatural spirit.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps, it good to be back on here.
That's made me look at the picture in a new light Aeron, guess the faces in the background could be spirits that have either just left their bodies in the meat triangle or are waiting for bodies to manifest themselves into.

Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...

Nice to see you back... I guess I'll have to ask somebody for my privileges to be able to remove your extra spaces after your pictures, you hippie ! or bone idle or idealist... You punk ! nevermind blahblahblah.

Good images I like them.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

yay! zeke's back!
great stuff there..not y'r best maybe...but good enough for sam, huh!
zeke and DESTROY!