Friday, January 22, 2010

LPM02 7"-split!

Government Alpha / Evil Moisture anim 2

Government Alpha / Evil Moisture anim 1
so, this 7"-split between japanese "government alpha" & andy bolus' "evil moisture" is finally out on the "le petit mignon"-label here in berlin!
(if you wanna read more info on this pink vinyl, then i'd recommend you surfin' to my MAXimum schreck-blog.)


Human Mollusk said...

These turned out great, Crippa.
BTW... I'm waiting for a new panel, man!


THese are fantastic!

Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...


Gaiihin Gobulgœme said...


Anonymous said...

This is going up on the wall of my new psych flat, sicktastic!!!

Simon said...

thats so fucking cool

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

thanx a bunch ya' all! it's always soo nice to get positive feedback for something i've worked with quite a lot, 'n also being satisfied myself with. yay!
'n FuFu..i think you still hafta wait a bit more for my next panel.

Aeron said...

Super crazy, really dig the style on this.