Monday, January 04, 2010

With A Crime Record Like Charles Manson

Screwing around with more of these heads. I don't know what's up with them yet, i originally pictured them as bosses in side-scrolling games like R-Type but really, you just throw one of these giant heads in there & it gets crazy.
Green Ice-Cee Head
Ice Cee Green
Pink Ice-Cee Head
Ice Cee Pink
Uzi Reptoid Head
Uzi Reptoid Head
There's another weird cultural convergence happening in my head, which happened while i was playing Final Fight, the Billy Idol song "Hot in the City" came on in my head, which is now associated with Hard Gay (thanks Ragmar) which is now associated with Fist of the North Star. So combine all of that stuff & then add some NWA on top. Stir.
Billy Idol - Hot in the City

Final Fight

NWA - Straight Outta Compton


zeke said...

Could you do something in Flash with those heads, 2-D video game style? Would look cool.
Thanks for the invite by the way, I'll get posting again when I've something to put up.

Aeron said...

I really like the idea of you playing up on that 80's / early 90's side scroller style. As for a boss scene, I could see you doing a sort of hydra with each head referencing a different N.W.A member with the background showing some Compton backstreet with police cars flipped over and on fire, maybe some winged creatures flying around guzzling paper sacked 40's and smokin blunts too?


I'd have to learn flash Zeke. I got a copy of it a million years ago from Mumbleboy, but i had a devil of a time with it. My goal is to hire some people to develop one of these projects... computer people are a dime a dozen these days. Aeron, me too & thanks for the encouragement, that's a great idea...