Monday, January 04, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm stoked to pieces about the new year & the trajectory i'm on. I'm working on a new card series called PIZZA PARTY. After completing one card series (Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps), i've figured out what works, what i like & what i want more of & am modifying the new series to fit into this equation. Ultimately i'd like to release a video game not unlike EarthBound based on these cards & comics & stuff, maybe even expand it into some kind of enormous online world where people can have rich virtual lives & siphon their money into my pockets! I think i've resolved the conflict between the real & imaginary worlds that seems to come up every so often, i've possibly resolved several other internal conflicts between opposing forces of my personality as well & am feeling really charged up & super creative.
Lame Brain
Lame Brain
Uzi Reptoid
Uzi Reptoid


Human Mollusk said...

Awesome stuff, Sean. I really want to play that game!

Aeron said...

I picture a game from you and I immediately think of Splatterhouse.


Me too Fufu! Aeron, i never had SPlatterhouse when i was a kid, but that game always looked really awesome.