Wednesday, April 04, 2007

2 On The Wall

I did these two the other day at my girlfriends' urging; Our walls are bare, you're an artist, right?
Yeah, I suppose I am.
-Click to enlarge

(This ones' a bit blurry, sorry..)

Too many years of comics and blogs and magazines; I don't ever think of making art to put on a wall. It's an alien concept.

Oh, yeah, I started a new blog for all of my political/social/ conspiracy ranting and raving. It'll hopefully be more fun than the title would make you think: TERROR WIDOW..


Aeron said...

I remember reading in an older issue of Juxtapoz about Mark Ryden going on some insane voyage to a small village in I think it was Africa? There were locals there that he had hand carve some elaborate frames for his paintings. Looking back this might have been a fictional telling but it seems that he was being serious about it. Anyway, I often forget at the power that an image can have when it's properly framed on a wall.

zeke said...

Great stuff luke! how big are these?

Luke P. said...

The bird one is maybe 4 by 6 inches and the pinkish thing is probably 5 by 7 inches; pretty small.
The bird was drawn in a ruled-out space intended for a comic panel.

SEAN said...

I especially like the pink hut deal on the bottom. It's great. Hey, i'd love to up the color on this blog, make the back-ground a different color. The world is so mentally bleak these days, let's UP THE CHROMA!