Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey, Waiter, There's a Cthulhu in my....Eaaaargh!

Here's a couple more Lovecraft drawings. The text for this one reads:

In Ld. Dunsany's "Idle Days on the Yann": The inhabitants of the antient Astahahn, on the Yann, do all things according to
antient ceremony. Nothing new is found. "Here we have fetter'd and manacled Time, who wou'd otherwise slay the Gods."

This was too big to scan all at once, and my assembly skills in photoshop are lame, so if you see bits that seem like they don't fit together, that's probably why.

The text for the next one is:

Autonomic nervous system and subconscious mind do not reside in the head. Have mad physician decapitate a man but keep
him alive and subconsciously controlled. Avoid copying tale by W. C. Morrow.

And finally...I've been doing my best to drag the blog into the dank, watery nether dimension of ironic Cthulhu humor with my post titles, but I figured as long as the issue had been broached, I met as well step up my efforts. Here's a clerihew I wrote a couple years ago, along with some cheesy manipulated clip-art from Illustrator....

Mr. H. P. Lovecraft
Was with hideous frequency shoved aft
On his sea-voyage to Fishguard, Wales
By a Mr. Yog-Shoggoth in top hat and tails.

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