Friday, April 06, 2007

Al Columbia Audio Interview

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I've listened to a few of the downloadable audio interviews the guys at Ink Studs put together; they're okay. Some annoying quirks, sure, but that's par for the course for college type radio.
I haven't listened to it yet ( it's downloading as I type.) , but let's hope they stay on course while interviewing the inimitable Al Columbia. Here she is.


aeron said...

I am really looking forward to that book he's putting together. The way he talks about having epic ideas that he loses interest in only to start up new ones that he then loses interest in to start up others, I completely know what that's like. I think though that a lot of these stories he talks about not finishing, they would surely work just as well as 10 - 15 page shorts that will certainly flow and fit in with all the others. So I think it's a smart move to just toss everything together into one giant volume.

Luke Pski said...

Yeah, he's really honest about everything.He could've easily made himslf look really cool, but he really just told it like it is - how he's not necessarily 'after' any specific thing. The interview made me like him much more. I liked how he talked about how he's actually disturbed by the violence he depicts got me. I always hate when people who do horrific art talk about horror in some kind of abstract, aestheticized way; no, it's fucking horror, it's supposed to freak you out! If you think a knife in a puppies eye is pretty, there is something wrong with you or you're lying..
That book is going to make our heads explode, I'm pretty sure..

aeron said...

Something that really pissed me off in art school was how you were supposed to have all these layered meanings behind your work. During critiques we'd have to talk about all the blah blah blah, why we chose a certain color, what it represents, how it made us feel. FUCK THAT. I'm glad he just does what he feels.