Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I posted some artwork over at the Southern Lord forums and got some responses pretty quickly, which is flattering. One guy wants art for a demo and another wants a poster for a Doom Metal show, this guy from Finland. I came up with some stuff for him to look at the other night:
-click to enlarge

-With or without the hands?

I hope I left enough room for the guy to add type...
These are rough drafts, sorta. It's great working with the Wacom, being able to change anything at will.


Aeron said...

Damn, your digital skills are getting better all the time. I dig the cosmic horror aspect of this a lot. And goddamn, I had to go on that thread at Southern Lord and read this ...

"Just never understood it myself. Seems utterly useless. Abstraction I understand, and I get why people paint portraits or landscapes, but Surrealism to me just seems an unjustified middle ground where you paint some bullshit. Its just from imagination which to my mind defeats the object of painting etc.

Sorry, opinionated art student here."

If I was in front of that guy when he said that I'd probably have punched him in the stomach or at least had to have held back from doing so.

Luke P. said...

Yeah, I read that too. I had to bite my toungue and remind my self that I'm only in the forum to promote my artwork. It makes absolutely no sense, just on it's face.
Thanks for the compliments. I'm getting more and more into digital stuff- it's just a lot of fun having so many options.
It's also really cool to have such a short deadline- the guy wanted something in 5 days- when there's no time to second guess myself , I do okay.
I'll finish up this thing tonight.