Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bad DNA Bird

A fragment from a work in progress.

(Click to Enlarge)

These new WACOM pieces are taking a long time.

Unrelated: can anyone recommend a really good printer, suitable for printing off relativeley high-quality 'art' prints?

Oh,yeah.I'm back, sort of. Here's a bit I wrote about it on my "new" blog:

"I do this way too often. I know this and have known it for some time. I reach a seemingly interminable breaking point inspired by frustrations with my “artwork”; Why can’t I get exactly what I’m after? Why do I come back to these same tired quirks? Is the subject matter adolescent? I could go on and on. And I do go on and on. Often. I go on until I reach the same conclusion that brings me back each time: I’mnot sure it’s worth-while to care. I do “care”, of course, but all this crap isn’t my life- my life is what’s going on on the periphery of the drawing table, away from the computer.
Does this make what I do a ‘hobby’? Maybe.Not sure.
Maybe that’s okay.
And so I’m starting over again. Until next time."

How do you guys feel about re-vamping EBD?


SEAN said...

Yeah, i seem to fall into the whole re-starting thing alot myself. Not sure why. I switch styles... i've been working on integrating all of my interests... but it gets a bit difficult at times. Anyhow, as far as a re-vamp goes, this blog seems to be dominated by Berlatsky's Deities & Demigods series, with occassional spices of other people's work. I think a partial problem with Eaten By Ducks is that it is directionless & the artists have little connection to one another. I found the same thing to be true of Art Dorks, outside of there being a central collective, but ultimately, their connection wasn't clear & there was a totaly lack of ability to criticize other people's work. It was alot of chearleading & "i love art" & "don't question my whorishness". It was dominated by a pathological pragmatism that to me, flies in the face of the true spirit of art & life in general. Anyhow, welcome "back".

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke, good to see you back on EBD, it's ironic that you're using technology to get such a wonderful 'aged' look to your drawing. It looks like an old tattoo that's been somehow leeched from somebody's skin with poisonous chemicals...
On a possible revamp... I take Sean's point that there is a lack of ability to criticize each other but it's so tough to risk hurting peoples feelings, much easier to ignore the bits you don't like and so the site does become somewhat aimless and rambling. Awhile ago somebody suggested that we work on our versions of found images, that'd be a good way to have at least one common theme going amongst the posts.Also perhaps have a different blog for long text pieces? And it's painfull to say this Noah but the Deities & Demigods thing is overwhelming the site a bit, which isn't to say it's bad neccesarily just maybe we could have 'edited highlights'?!

Luke P. said...

Yeah, I agree about Noahs' series dominating the site, but, with we all need to recognize that it's our lack of posts that contribute to it. And I'm guilty of this, of course.
Maybe we'll start a new email discussion to figure out where to take things.
I'm not sure if I'm intersted in a critical round-table approach; there are things posted that I have nothing to really say about. And I'm sure people feel that way about my posts too.
We do need some kind of thread connecting it all though.
Expect an email soon.

Noah Berlatsky said...

As I noted in the email, Piaget and Demigods is almost done (Thursday's the last), and then I'll go away for a couple of weeks at least. I've noticed the problem as well, but since I'm almost done I want to finish it.

Again, my apologies. I'm kind of obsessive about this sort of thing once I get going.....

Aeron said...

Great pic Luke. This would be fun to see in a large catalogue like page of anatomical disection type abstractions lined up side by side or in some strange but intentional order. Like a page from a vintage textbook on the anatomy.