Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cthulhu me once, shame on you; cthulhu me twice, descend into gibbering madness

Just to completely wear out my welcome before I enter into self-imposed exile, here's a couple more of my drawings for the Lovecraft exhibit:

Text for this one is about an evil, miniature shapeless Siamese twin which is surgically removed and goes forth to wreak slaughter and havoc.

And this one's inspired by a note about a Tibetan magical ritual, involving biting the tongue of a reanimated corpse.


aeron said...

Damn those are some weird concepts. The smokey atmospheric effect in the second one puts a great Lovecraftian vibe into it.

Sean the Sean said...

But Noah, you win with that title! My central complaint about your series is that it was not rendered into full excellence. The concept & shapes were great, they just needed an extra bit of love & affection & then we would have REALLY been feeling them. You've got some really cool abstract forms going on here, they just need some burnishing.

Luke Pski said...

Yeah, I agree- do you want them to be flat, or would like some weight and depth in certain areas?- It seems you hadn't decided. I think these could be really good- just keep drawing, force yourself into drawing difficult things and you'll learn a whole bunch, even if it's by liking certain mistakes.