Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Some Things

Here's a few manipulated creatures that I've been working on lately.


zeke said...

The top critter looks serious but cute!

Sean the Sean said...

I've got a kid in one of my new classes, "Drawing Creeps, Monsters & Weirdos" who is quite possibly your spiritual son. He draws endless piles of monsters in a style very similar to yours. I pointed his mum your way because he is always looking for websites apparently. I couldn't remember if there was anything they might object to, i honestly can't trust myself on that one, because my mind is so topsy turvy.

aeron said...

That's awesome, if you ever get the chance to scan some or take pics, I'd love to see them. And I'm fairly sure all my drawn stuff is all ages. Just keep the youngins away from my digital stuff!