Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I finished a re-jiggered version of an older image for the Finnish Doom Metal guy - He wanted this image specifically.
It turned out pretty well.

If I do anything like this in the future, I'm going to lay down the law:
- I'll do a brand new image, specifically for the poster.
- I need to hear some of the music by the artists I'm advertising.
- I'll do all type.

I don't think the Finnish guy did a bad job with the type at all, but the only way to keep it interesting for me is to do the whole thing from scratch.


aeron said...

Damn, that looks really good. The c louds are a nice effect.

zeke said...

Hey luke this is wonderful, I recall that image and really liked it first time I saw it. Only bit I'm not sure about is the white text at the bottom.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah, this turned out really nice Luke! I mostly like the typography too. But Zeke is right, the text at the bottom competes too much with your illustration.

Sean the Sean said...

Turned out nicely! This form reminds me of the Ohmu in Nausicaa when they open their mouths.!

Luke Pski said...

Thanks guys. Miyazaki is a huge influence! Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away especially. Something about the character designs of the mythic creatures ; it was exactly what I wanted to see.
It's hard for me to know the effec of the type on the image- I'm so used to staring at the ting that I can see right through the type.
Hopefully Jukka of Finland follows through by sending me a few copies.