Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some New Card Art

Esposa Batidor

Sandia Extremo

Meela Beela

Also, if you haven't checked out the Goblinko ETSY store, you should totally CHECK IT OUT WOT?


Aeron said...

Your works just keeps getting better, The bold colors and black lines are awesome. And I really dig your stylization of these characters. The colors and patterns in the background really works well with the characters.

And that really elaborate pattern you have on the green paddle of the top character, man that is screaming to be done full blown on some large Lovecraftian ruins!

SEAN said...

Thanks Aeron! Also, thanks for noticing the pattern on the bat, i was kind of tripping off of it while i was working on it going, "man, i gotta remember what the hell i did here so i can do it on something much bigger!" Yeah, anyhow, that turned out nice, might try it with some other color schemes as well.

Luke P. said...

Yeah, these are really cool. I like the lurid, bright colors, the rawness of the marker.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff sean!
especially like the first one with the freaky mask and club, wild!