Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bissettes' Monster Blog

Steve Bissette, one of my favorite horror cartoonists ever, is running one of my favorite blogs around, Myrant. He's using the blog format in a really good way, a way that mirrors zines of yore; Personal blather, socio-political opinionizing and interviews with some great comics-related figures, like the venerable Bryan Talbot ( part one was just posted). It's a model I don't see too much of, with most blogs using an either/or, "personal" or subject-specific model.
What's more, Bissette promises more interviews..

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aeron said...

Damn, I'm surprised I hadn't stumbled across this yet. Thanks for the link, I gotta dig through some of this stuff.

Sean the Sean said...

He's a cool artist, as is common these days, i first found out about him through the old Ninja Turtles. Gateway into cool stuff!