Thursday, May 24, 2007

Molluskhead Page

I'm preparing an older MH story for publication in an anthology right now. Initially I wanted to make it longer but I ran out of time when I first did it, so for this occasion I finally did the missing page.


Aeron said...

Great page, looking forward to seeing all these Mollusk head pages put together.

Paleo said...

Glad you could go back to it, the movement on that monster is so ominously perfect, just about to engulf the gunman and recoiling from the bullets and the same time.

Ray Frenden said...

Is there a place you intend to post them collected?

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks, Aeron and David!
I'm primarily thinking of doing a collection in book form. Dunno if it would make sense to make it all availible for free online... I've put shitloads of work into the whole Murphy & Molluskhead cycle after all. Still thinking about it though.
Kinda clueless, too.