Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maybe for Entartete Kunts!?!

SALT the youthful adventurer
A Chaos Warrior of some sort. As i was working on this one i realized that i am mixing Jack Kirby & Ed Roth at the same time. Whee!
A Dragon Newt on some kind of similarly evolved riding beast. Love the bipedal riding beasts!
Punk Snot Dead: Wattie Piper, some punk dude.

These might end up in the Entartete Kunts show that i'm involved in.
Anyone in Portland & the surrounding areas should definitely check this show out.


Human Mollusk said...

Cool stuff, Sean!
Say, is there a reason why the title is spelled "Kunts" instead of "Kunst"?

Sean the Sean said...

Thanks. The name is cos we're a bunch of Kunts.

Aeron said...

Great pics, I want to see some of these freaks duking it out.