Thursday, May 31, 2007


Page for upcoming entry in the second issue of ELFWORLD. It's a redraw of an older piece. Mad respect to anyone who can figure out where i lifted the general structuring & concept of the piece from. No guesses, just informed answers pleez.
Salt & the Dungeon of Doom or some such. Egg-citing!
Also, i thought i'd add that if any of you were worried about how raising a kid would cut into your creative work, i'd just like to inform you that i'm knocking out just as much stuff as before & i'm not neglecting Otto either. You can do it! Family & art can co-exist!


Ray Frenden said...

Congrats on the cohabitation between art and offspring! The piece is good, but I wonder what could have been placed in the center, if anything, to make it stronger. Radiating light beams or something?

Anonymous said...

Sean the Sean said...

Alright anonymous, the Greedy is totally vulgar. That movie really flipped me out when i was a kid. Gave me some very strange dreams. The whole scene with the camels calling the camel into the sky was my first experience of existential angst. I'm wondering if this greedy wasn't an inspiration for Tetsuo's transformation in the end of AKIRA?
Ray, i hear you on a little more of a "pop" for the piece, but i didn't want the centered piece to overly dominate... the other elements are just as important, if not more important than the demonic statue figure.

Aeron said...

Weird, I just put those animation links on my animation blog the other day. The brick limbed beast at the center reminds me of that giant armored thing in Labyrinth.