Wednesday, May 02, 2007

John Fogerty:icon

So the next thing I may be doing is some drawings to go with these off-color John Fogerty song parodies I wrote. Hopefully they'll be shown at a gallery show focusing on John Fogerty's apocryphal career as a swamp pervert that's being organized by my pal Bert Stabler. It's supposed to take place at Roots and Culture gallery in early July.

Anyway, I thought people might enjoy seeing some of the parodies. This one's to the tune of "Heard It Through the Grapevine" (originally by Marvin Gaye, of course, but covered by CCR.) I guess if people like it, I'll post more; if people don't, I won't, if people are indifferent, who knows what I'll do?

Schtupping in Your Green Slime

Oooo, bet you’re spurting pallid goo,
while roaches lick your underoos,
Have I got insect eggs inside my drawers,
Or am I just happy to see your sores?
Lips like mildewed Frito lay;
tongue like a fish-stick half-decayed, ooo

I’m schtupping in your green slime;
gelatinous orifice and it’s all mine
Oo, schtupping in your green slime;
fat pimples burst inside your mind.
Ribbit, ribbit, yeah

You know a pustule that crawls with flies
is the kind I want to get inside,
Stale queef makes my anatomy
crave your dank episiotomy
When I hear your intestines squelch
my love-gun begins to belch, ooo


The cancer bursting from your mammaries
smells like milk but tastes like beer.
Chemotherapeutic booze
Flows like thin gruel from your rear.
In my pants the polyps grow,
As the lymph nodes come out to whore,
Don’t you know




SEAN said...

This was weird! Yeah, i would've used an actual Creedence song first off, i can't hear the Creedence version of Heard It... in my head except for Fogerty saying "HOID IT". Have you done Run Through the Jungle or Fortunate Son? Anyhow, what's funny is i'm good friends with his niece who lives here in Eugene, OR. Her dad, his brother, used to own & run LaVals pizza in Berkeley.

Paleo said...

As a fervent Credence Clearwater Revival admirer i won't condone this project beyond admiting that those lyrics are funny.