Friday, June 06, 2008

Bubble Gutz

One of a strange species from Hob Bob, the bubble gutz come in all shapes and sizes and have translucent bubble like bodies. They absorb random wildlife unfortunate enough to get stuck in their bubblegutz.


zeke said...

I'd love to see a version of this creature done in your coloured pencil style.

Aeron Alfrey said...

Funny you should say that, I've got a particularly insane BubbleGutz Beast planned out of the colored pencil variety. It's in loose scratch mark sketch form right now but it's going to be some sort of floating centipede like thing with wings that kind of resembles a long row of large bubbles with an odd assortment of creatures stuck in the gutz. And there will be hilltops from which characters are reaching up with long poles with hooks taking out some of the creatures. Some sort of weird version of fishing that involves putting the pole into the sky instead of the water. How does this fit into my 1000 something page Hob Bob comic? I don't know, but it's going to be in there. And there will be a bigger bubblegutz beast that Hob encounters while taking a trip on a hot air balloon.

Paleo said...

Keep taunting me you alliterated named motherfucker, you just keep on it and i'll go all Kathy Misery Bates on your ass

Choose: more Hob Bob pages or i crush your knees?

I'm your biggest assed fan with a big ass hammer!

Aeron Alfrey said...

Ha, thanks David.

The trick with Hob Bob has been designing a fantasy world roughly the size of Australia that is filled with all sorts of weird animals, characters, relics, temples, villages, religions, cults, kingdoms, underground ruins, haunted forests of monstrous faced vegetation, oceans filled with insane sea beasts that would put 15th century cartographer's fantasies to shame, and hundreds of other offshoot mini stories related to goofball swamp monsters, groups of weird little creatures that puzzle piece together into a larger character, voyages lost at sea, and a huge pile of stuff then weaving it all into Hob's hunt for his lost head and his evil twin brother Zob's evil plans for world domination.

The book is going to be awesome but man is it complicated and taking some serious time.

The end goal is to have a really awesome illustrated fantasy book that will end up on a book shelf and collect dust and in 200 years someone will stumble across a copy and be able to enjoy all the weird stuff floating around in my imagination after I'm long dead and gone.

Human Mollusk said...

Cool creature, Aeron. It would be really easy to take these stylized black and white beasties of yours, vectorize them and animate them in flash.

Aeron Alfrey said...

I'd love to get into animation, too many other distractions though!

Paleo said...

Una pregunta Aeron, how do you keep track of Hob Bob's sprawling world?
do you do thumbnails of sequences, write it all up, do you use charts or all of these at once and something i haven't thunk of?

i ask because i know for a fact that you're not kidding when describing Hob Bob as "a fantasy world roughly the size of Australia"

Aeron Alfrey said...

I have stacks of random sketches, jottings of names, weird concepts for incidents in the story, descriptions of wildlife behaviors, hundreds of thumbnail sketches, I've layed out hundreds of pages worth of material, some that I'll toss, some that I'll keep. I've been compiling reference imagery from places like flickr for landscapes, architectural designs, ships, hot air balloons, ruins, and other detailed scenes like the insides of a giant magic theater. There's going to be a big museum full of oddities and the skeletons of the fantasy animals from the story on display so I've been looking into pictures of dinosaur museums. Check out Goblin Valley to get an idea for some of the landscapes I want to portray -
Of course my interpretaion will have scattered ruins, the odd beasts, and so on.

But most importantly there is a topographical map where every city, every temple, every lake, river, road and land mark will identified.

The overall story is traditional in the fantasy sense of the hero must find an object and defeat the evil presence to save the world. But it is the voyage getting there that has so many mini plots involving all the weird characters that are met along the way that I'm really elaborating on. Battles at sea aboard pirate ships that are destroyed by giant sea monsters with Hob washing ashore on some mysterious island with a strange temple atop an ancient volcano, maybe a tribe that thinks he's a god since he walks with no head, explorations of deep caverns filled with subterranean monstrosities, lots of fun stuff like that.