Saturday, June 07, 2008

In Lieu Of

Hi Everybody.

Welp, here's a silly self-portrait in lieu of anything more substantive... just something to post for the time being.

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend... I've had about 15 cups of coffee so far today, and I'm about to top that off with some gin. Good times!


Luke Pski said...

That's a really good drawing, Jeffrey. Really [i] good.
I've been drinking tons of gin lately too and I probably drink around 10 cups of coffee per day. Trying to quit smoking too- chewing that horrible chemical gum as I type this..

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Thanks, Luke. I promise I'll start posting more than variations of the sme self-portrait over and over, ha ha.


Ah, cigarettes.

I've smoked on and off for about 15 years... but somehow I've never had a "habit". Very strange. I do crave cigarettes - especially after meals and when I drink - but my constitution won't allow me to smoke more than one or two sticks a day, and I generally only smoke one or two per week, if that.

Nothing beats a good smoke.

Human Mollusk said...

Welcome to EBD Jeffrey! I've always loved the stuff you posted on TCJ, so It's a pleasure to have you onboard.

Luke Pski said...

Also: Happy Birthday Jeffrey Meyer!

How old are all of us here?
I kind of assumed we were all roughly around the same age.
I'll be thirty in a few months here.
I'm getting gray hairs to boot..*

*Only my pubes, mind you.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Oh geez, I'm 37, and fading fast.

Luke Pski said...

Paleos' gotta be around that age too..

Human Mollusk said...


Paleo said...

Hey, a belated welcome aboard Jeffrey, that's an excellent self portrait up there, i must admit, browsing your site, that i liked more your drawings than the collages for the time being, and here comes the more assbackwards suggestion ever, have you thought of using the collages as a sketch idea? do a collage and then do a wild interpretation of it in drawing?

you have a very stilish & forceful drawing line, i wonder what it will come out of it?

Paleo said...

And yeah, i turned 37 on may 7, front tooth missing and all, thankfully tomorrow i'm getting the fake one screwed on, i've avoiding smiling for a month (no big deal)

But yeah, i'm old enough to remember not only a time without internet; i'm old enough to remember black & white television sets, the outhouse toilet of mass hypnosis appliances

Jeffrey Meyer said...

Thanks, everyone.

Actually, David, I have thought of enlarging the collages as paintings... but I can't handle paint for shit. I've scanned a few into Photoshop and run them through the wringer to get a whole new image... but I guess I could do that as easily with any old picture (a lot of my digital work - only three or four are posted on my site - is just porn found online and transformed as much as I can manage with my limited computer skills).

It's an interesting idea to make *drawings* from the collages, though, because they're more about colors and textures than linework... when I draw, I'm definitely a "line guy".

Aeron Alfrey said...

Kinda looks like a zombie, and I'm the ripe old age of 30.