Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Battle There Is No Law

Speaking of being published, i just got my first alternative weekly cover published today.
Eugene Weekly Cover

I'm taking a break from my experimental work & am doing stuff that is part of my larger consistent style. Here i isolated a character from Bolt Thrower's "In Battle There Is No Law" which i've been obsessed with since i first saw it in 1988.
In Battle There Is No Law
Here's the awesome original album cover. Can't fuck with this stuff.
In Battle There Is No Law
& here's the title track from the album.

Countless numbers die in war's path
Armies falling to our wrath
Warriors of power marching to fight
Destruction, killing, all that's in sight
Raise the shield or be cast into death
Take a final look, your final breath
Innocent victims of war
No turning back, in battle there is no law


Aeron said...

Aw yeah, I love your Dungeons and Dragons sort of artwork. Have you made more of those goblin characters lately?

Mostyn said...

Dude this is awesome. I have one of your goblins printed out and hanging in my classroom. ha. I want that bolt thrower guy on a tshirt. Ha. keep up the good work.

pickledpunk said...

I dig the color cover...very nice! The green background characters are a great touch. And yep!...yer Bolt Thrower thug is excellent!

Luke P. said...

I love the weekly cover- Congrats on that! Around here it's always been kind of a big deal for local artist/illustrators. The colors are great. If we could see that crazy inkwork with some seriously loud colors, I think it'd be the perfect synthesis of your approaches over the years..
Maybe you've already done it,, waht do I know...

zeke said...

Great stuff Sean, I like the demented red dog!
You've referred to Judge Dredd before but did you like any other 2000AD strips?

SEAN said...

Thanks everyone...
Aeron, yes. More goblins are on their way.
Luke, yeah, i couldn't justify the loud colors with this one... it's too "reality based" wereas the ones with loud colors are more in their own world. If that makes sense.
Zeke, i love Judge Dredd & Rogue Trooper comics from the 80s, i haven't read a single other 2000AD title as they weren't readily available in the quarter bins of American comic shops. Should i look for something?

zeke said...

Off the top of my head you should look out for:
'Slaine' think you would love this strip, it's about a warrior who's been chucked out of his tribe and wanders around with a sleazy dwarf 'ukko' as his companion. He has 'warpspasms' where he goes beserk and turns into a grotesque beast.
'Nemesis the Warlock' Kev o' Neil's artwork on this strip is insane, really, really insane....
'Bad Company' amazing psyched out strip about the transformation of a young naive soldier on a planet where they are battling 'Krool' incredible chunky artwork.
May have to do a post about this as there's so much cool stuff, but do check out 'Slaine' if u get chance!

SEAN said...

Whoops, i lied! I have Bisley's Slaine stuff, forgot that it was 2000AD... ha ha. Yes, that it is fantastic & was definitely an influence so you smelled correctly. I'll start looking for the others. You should definitely post about 2000AD comics!

Paleo said...

Man, awesome cover, the more you look at it the more bad ass it gets,good job!

And i can't hardly wait to see more of this Medieval Rat Fink style, great shit.

Human Mollusk said...

Yeah what Paleo said.
The cover rocks(!) and the colors are great, my only (really minor) crit would be that the colors of the skateboard in the foreground make its shapes mingle with the dude with the dog and the crowd in the backround.

SEAN said...

David P. yes, lots more of this coming. Fufu, yes. You're absolutely right about the skateboard, but to admit a mistake is to bow my head in battle, so, what the fuck are you talking about?

Jon Chandler said...

woah there I reckon there`s laods of 2000ad you`d like. Strontium Dog? and there`s better Slaine than Bisley. see if you can find any collections of 2000ad stuff in your local store.

didn`t White Dwarf have a Boltthrower 7" come free with it once? I remember being confused by it, that was my first experience of roleplaying/metal crossover.

Human Mollusk said...

Haha, yeah, I'm obviously delirious.