Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Voida Inks

Just finished up a two page spread for our boy Zeke's VoidaVoida zine. It was a hot, sticky day. I got up at 6am to let the dog out and stayed up. Worked outside on the new house in between working on this page. I was on auto pilot. Too hot for any kind of introspection...


-So it's hard for me to come to any conclusions about this piece. Zeke sent me a template in jpg format.I opened that in Photoshop, bumped it up in dpi and drew over it on a couple of layers with the Wacom.I then came up with something I thought was interesting when I copied and mirrored the drawing. I kind of recognize that it's a maybe too easy way to come up with a composition, but I can't deny that it has a certain effect on me that I like when I see.
Anyhow, I then printed it out in sections and taped it together at the size I wanted to draw the original in, taped that sheet to some Bristol board and used my lightbox and a blue pencil to copy it to the Bristol. It started changing a lot at that point. I sort of liked where it was heading. I was sort of taking myself out of the equation; my job was to trace it.I was like a malfunctioning computer, in that everything was imperfect. All I had to do was fill in the lines with ink at this point. I decided not to make any decisions as I "drew" , which was wise as I had no real choice ( too hot to think).
I don't know where all of it is headed, but I think I'll do a few more like this, though I'll lay off the mirror/symmetry effect..


- I'm going to redraw my VoidaVoida contribution.This one makes the cutting room floor. Don't worry Zeke, I'll have it to you by Saturday!!


Aeron said...

I think the strange shape of the book when opened up compliments the symmetrical image you've come up with. Looking into the coffin shape is kind of like staring through a window into death, a portal to the other side. So, for me anyway, it seems like staring into another dimension through the door of death.

mostyn said...

cool stuff. I hope death looks friendlier than that. ha. I cant wait to see this thing finished. I think it is going to look amazing. Thanks again to Zeke for the idea and the invite.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

I'm gonna get that tattooed on my back.

Jon Chandler said...

i just bought a pad of 100 sheets of manga drawing paper for the equivalent of five quid, or ten dollars. And it has blu-line borders and numbered ruling round the edge.