Monday, June 02, 2008

A Note of Introduction

Hi All.
My name is Jeffrey Meyer and I was invited by Luke to join the blog - thanks to him for thinking of me and thanks to everyone else for all the great art you've posted here. I've been reading "Ducks" for about a year now, I guess, and I'm really impressed with everyone's work - you all have such distinctive, accomplished styles. It's very inspiring, so I'll do my best to contribute work equally interesting... I hope. I recognize many of you from various places online, in particular the Comics Journal message board.
To be honest I haven't been drawing regularly for about three years now; from about the ages of 15-30 it was like a religious obsession for me, but then one day I just sort of... stopped... there were all sorts of reasons (and excuses, I admit) but I found myself very frustrated with my abilities and my imagination (and, of course, lack of success). So I began to make collages to amuse myself. After a couple years of this, I was surprised to find that not only was the process of making art enjoyable again, but I was actually impressed with the results - it's remarkable what happens when you have no expectations about the finished work, and you don't have to exercise your hands and eyes like an athlete. Of course I'd like others to be as impressed as I am, but I understand collage is not everyone's cup of tea... Funny, though, good drawing is still my favorite medium to look at, there's just something about it that really grabs me, and I have the utmost respect for people who draw well.
At any rate, I'm not sure what kind of work I'll be putting up alongside all of yours, but if you'd like a look at some of what I've already done, please visit my site here.


Luke Pski said...

I'm glad you accepted the offer, Jeffrey. I'm a big fan of your collage and drawing ( YOu gonna pick up the pen ever again?). Also note that you can post anything you want here. We like rants.

Jason Overby said...

Your website's really nice! I like your collages, and I think the most important thing is that it be fun. Other than doodling, I all but stopped drawing after getting an art degree because I was too worried about making something "good." Comics seemed especially daunting. A few years ago I said, "fuck it" and started drawing every day. I haven't stopped since, and the results are satisfying besides.

Aeron Alfrey said...

Hi Jeffrey, interesting stuff. Have you ever seen Max Ernst's Une Semaine de Bonte? I'm sure it could give you a lot of inspiration for you collages.

Jeffrey Meyer said...

I have seen that Ernst book - I love it - and he's one of my very favorite artists, collage or otherwise. Really versatile, almost *too* facile.