Monday, June 16, 2008

The Other Window.

This is based on some of the lyrics from 'The other Window' by Wire. It's for the second volume of this put out by Paul O' Connell.


Luke P. said...

That horse is pretty great looking, and it's a great concept for an anthology. Are all those people Londoners? I'd love to read a post about good drawers and cartoonists you're associated with in the UK. Is your pal going to start posting here ever?

I think one of my goals will be to learn to draw horses well. There's something invoked by Horses+ Barbed Wire..

Human Mollusk said...

Haunting... I love it, Zeke.
I would love to contribute something to Soda (Crippa forwarded me the call for entries), but unfortunately I'm swamped with commission work right now.

Aeron said...

Great page, the title would have looked really cool if you'd set it into the perspective line of the building similar to the text at the bottom of the top panel. I see someone did a page for Broadcast's Pendulum, I love that track.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps.
Good idea Aeron I should have thought of that and done the title in perspective.
It is pretty tough drawing horses, think this horse ended up looking a bit furry!
Shame you can't contribute Fufu would've been great to see what you came up with for it. Think the project's been put on hold for now though.
I'll have a think about a UK comic artists post Luke, there's quite a few people doing stuff in Brighton wich is where Paul O' Connell's from.