Friday, April 25, 2008

Strange Dreaming..

I was in an old castle at the top of a small European village when a gigantic door banged open releasing a gigantic armored figure. The armor looked ancient and had intricately engraved patterns, some resembling narrative scenes that I couldn't make out, spread across each piece. The thing wearing the armor was some sort of hideous creature that partly resembled a rabbit/pig/donkey all meshed into a grotesque hybrid that had the body of a gigantic humanoid, about 12 feet tall. It chased me around a circular passageway inside the castle. When I'd managed to get away from it, another door slammed open somewhere else in the castle releasing yet another of these foul armored beasts that began chasing me!

I eventually escaped the things and found myself in a small stone passageway where a shallow collection of water had gathered in a small stream across the floor. Then I noticed there were peculiar octopus like animals walking on their tentacles and partly swimming over the few inches of water. I remember one being a light yellowish color, about the size of a human head with short stubby tentacles that pulled its weight aross the stream. Another was much larger and dark brown and black in color with long extended tentacles and what looked like thick wet black matted hair hanging from the top of its balloon like head. At some pont I escaped the castle and ran into a madman who was crawling up the mountain towards the castle. I kicked him in the face and caused him to fall down the steep incline. From there things get hazy..

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