Wednesday, April 23, 2008


An old strip with a favourite character, back in 2001 it sucked, now i like it! i'm really curious about how this strip works with you guys.


Human Mollusk said...

It's awesome! Like in most of your strips the humor is not easily accessible, but that makes it all the more original.
The abstract catooning is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

You have perfectly described how I feel right now at the end of my school year! HA! Thanks for that

zeke said...

I really enjoyed it, sometimes I get frustrated with strips because they have a narrative that no matter how good it is gets boring if read to much. This seems to have just enough form to it that you can contemplate it over and over and read different things into it.

Aeron said...

Great strip, I love that looking at some of your more abstract stuff makes me feel like I'm drunk.

This could make for an amusing series of strips with IQ numbers, the lowest showing some drooling babbling something or other while the highest has some eye glass wearing thing pointing an insanely advanced mechanical device at a star, or something along those lines. Having the highest and lowest IQ characters both drooling and looking like babbling retards while doing their thing could be a good punchline.

Paleo said...

cool, actually i don't know if you all remember but i posted a 3 page strip with the same character,a much more gag oriented one, but then i thought that i have plenty of characters who could do that, and that IQ-9 may be perfect for a long held ambition of mine, plagiarise Cliff Sterrett's "Dot and Dash", it was the topper for his legendary "Polly and her Pals" strip, and sometimes i love it even more, its these 2 lil' dogs barely doing nothing, they look out the window to the falling snow so they walk to the fire. That's the strip. And dumb as it sounds its incredibly charming, so well i tried to steal some of that with IQ-9,(more derangedly retarded than charming i'm afraid but that's me) took even farther with two more strips, i'll post 'em if i find 'em, is very difficult to do a strip where nothing happens withouth resorting to dadaists cliches

Sorry for writing so long to say so little.

And Aeron, please don't give away my entire "career" plan. Thanks.