Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Aeron said...

Awesome cross hatching in this one. What is that thing, some sort of Indian spirit demon?

Mr. Sean said...

That's pretty wild Zeke, how did you get those crazy effects on the bottom between the red stuff & the dot tones. Wicked.

Paleo said...

AAaaaarrrrrrggh!!!!!! the reds!!!! the redssss!!!


PS: more Reds please.

zeke said...

Thanks chaps, I don't know what this character's meant to be it's just one of those random pub doodles.
Sean: the weird texture is a photo of twigs that I took then pissed about with.
David: I'll try real hard to rustle up some more reds for ya, I'm looking under stones, up my own arse and everything!