Friday, April 18, 2008

Poor Righteous Teacher

Private art lessons.
This is Liam Gibson, he has an awesome raw sensibility to his work with really weird, cool forms that i am always learning from, because i'm a pretty control oriented artist. I am initiating him into the dark arts of the MARKER.
Private Lessons with Mr. Sean

Recycle Art program: Mysterious creatures
This is one of my afterschool classes at McCornack elementary where we were making a different mysterious creature each week out of garbage. These kids made alien masks.

trivia, did you know that i was very influenced by the 5% Nation (a break away group from the Nation of Islam)?

Five Percenters teach that the entire world population can be divided into three groups:

* The 85%, easily led in the wrong direction hard to be led in the right direction, who are the humble masses, mentally deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth about themselves and the world in which they live.

* The 10%, who understand much of the truth but use it to their advantage to keep the 85% under their control through religion, politics, entertainment, economics, and other methods.

* The 5%, who are the enlightened divine beings, having repossessed knowledge of the truth regarding the foundations of life and of oneself, and seek to punitively liberate the 85% through education.

The percentages presented, according to most Five Percenters, are not meant to be exact but are instead meant to represent the public, the religious and political rulers, and the few truly enlightened people on earth, respectively. The numbers used point out common traits to identify the members of these three groups and can be fully understood using the language of Supreme Mathematics.

It still makes perfect sense to me, even if i am a White Devil created by the mad scientist Yakub.


Robert Adam Gilmour said...

Is that your pens you are letting him use?

zeke said...

It's great to see kids going nuts with markers and the ace masks!
As for the 5% foolishness..... gimme a break. Just seems like megalamaniacal ignorance to me. To dismiss 85% of the population as mindless drones is nauseating, knowledge comes from the most unexpected places and people. maybe 1% of the population are somehow 'enlightened', but the rest of us are all muddling along through this terminal existance together. No leaders, 'every man and woman is a star'! and yep I know it's ironic to quote an egomaniac like crowley in this context.
as for the 10% that seems like tired old conspiracy shite....

SEAN said...

You know Zeke, i agree with you, but i somehow simultaneously agree with the 5% Nation. Not sure how this works. I believe both. Robert, yes, those are my markers that he is using. I gave him about 20 or so markers yesterday as part of his initiatory experience, including rare El Marko markers & some old discontinued Sanford permanent ones.

Luke P. said...

Yeah, I'm with Zeke on this one..

Aeron said...

Good stuff, you might do something involving recycled paper and teach them a basic book binding technique with string to do some kinda narrative art mini books?

Abstract assemblages from found recycled material could be interesting too. And if you wanted to get college art teacher on em you could make them paint their assemblages as a still life afterwards.

I remember I used to go to an after school art program in elementary school. The only project I remember was making small animated flip books.

Paleo said...

tried to open the photos but Flickr tells me ( in spanish) that Flickr pages have "hiccups" ?!

Told ya Flickr sucks taxidermist's donkey elongated ass

Liam is so wildly talented! i would love to see more of his work, also the"Mysterious creatures" photo is for the ages, such fun! this is the america Karl Rove haters & supporters don't see, wholehearted suburban weirdness! bring your kids!.

Great job Sean

About the 5% stuff, i' m savagely elitist, but with time you realize that the dumb masses... they're not dumb at all, they're are just...TIRED

even whitecollar people works 10 hours days, and then conmuting like animals, in pigstys on wheels like trains, and then you're home and you spent all you have left on your kids and when the kid's asleep, yeah, you wacht TV, let's fuck in the weekend.

Don't take me wrong, i am eulogizing this people, they're not dumb, just selfless and exploited.