Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm really busy right now so I'll just post something old. Here's an RPG-illustration I did a few years ago which I had forgotten all about until I found it again recently.
What was I thinking?


zeke said...

Ha! I LOVE this!!!! it's obscene! gonna make it my desktop background strrrraighhhttt away!

zeke said...

p.s. it would be great to see more horrific sexual monsters from you! I love that a shrink once said that Basil Wolverton's art wasn't really fit to publish 'cause it was so sexual.

Aeron said...

It just wishes it had a Japanese girl to shove all those tentacles into. I'm picturing a larger scene around this of a lab with dozens of glass aquariums/jars filled with insane sexual organ creatures and a broken glass container that this thing has fallen out of.

Paleo said...

Weird, i didn't even realized how sexual it was 'till i read Zeke's comment, maybe is because is so fucking obscene that it shortcircuited even MY nasty little mind... i don't know nothing, except this is one hell of a cool scary monster, good job Fufu.

Paleo said...

and part of what of Wolverton answered to that shrink's accusation:

"...i know that i draw things that look like all kinds of organs and glands. It's like the monkey, which, if he pounded away at a typewriter for a million years, might accisentally type out the "Star-Spangled Banner" lyrics..."

Shrinks have nastier little minds than me.