Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back from Wherever

Greetings everybody. I'm back from a fairly long period of static. My pause was due to a relocation to Berlin after which I haven't had a working internet connection for ages.
I've been lurking now and then from internet cafés but just didn't find the time to post something. It's great to see so much really cool new stuff.
Also: Welcome newcomers!

Here's a recent cthulhu drawing.

I've been working on several of them over the last months, and will post them when I get them scanned. In the meantime here are some preliminary sketches, as a foreshadowing of what's to come. I inverted them on a whim, because I thought it looks kinda cool.

And two more drawings from my current sketchbook:

Finally, while offline I've worked on a new website a bit. It's not finished yet, but check it out if you like, I would be glad to get some feedback.


Aeron said...

I'm really glad to see you continuing the Lovecraftian lifeform series! The finished ink one I could imagine a larva sac spilling open to reveal a horde of Lovecraftian baby ...things. Really really freaking awesome, Fufu. And the site frontpage is looking bad ass. It would be cool to see a different thing appear over the ritual fire when the cursor is moved over the different navigation labels. I'm looking forward to seeing how that develops. Anyway, scan those other pics soon, I wanna see em!

Luke P. said...

Great looking stuff! I like all of it, but the inverted ones do look pretty, pretty good.
New website looks great too.
I hear Berlin is the place to be nowadays as well, especially for artists..

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks & Thanks.
Aeron, yeah I was thinking about creating more than just the one animated gif, but I think I'll leave it as it is for now. For one it's pretty time consuming and I don't want to make my site too gimmicky. The dancers create an nice mysterious atmosphere, but I'm afraid much more would be overdoing it.
Berlin is a really interesting, many-faceted place. It's true, lots of artsy types live here, but the hip scene's mostly not in the part I live in. I don't know too many folks here so far, apart from a handful of comic artists and a couple of old friends who aren't artists at all.

Luke P. said...

It'd be awesome if you post about any comic/artists that you discover in Berlin that we'd otherwise not know about. I'd also love to see photos of Berlin.

Robert Adam Gilmour said...

I think the front page is amazing too.

zeke said...

The inverted creatures look great, the sketchy feel of them seems to really fit the decaying old monstrosities.
Do you know of the renate comic library in berlin?

Human Mollusk said...

Thanks for the tip Zeke. I've been to Renate a few years ago, and I'm planning to attend the next monthly meeting of the local comic book folk there. Tomorrow, atcually.

zeke said...

Fantastic! My friend Crippa Almquist works at Renate, if you see him please say hello from me!

Paleo said...

Ay Caramba! those are so great Fufu, i missed your stuff

The inverted ones made me think of weird paintings you may glimpse on 60's, 70's horror movies, or at least that's how my kid self wanted paintings on the backgound of 60's, 70's horror movies to look!

Don't touch one single thing of that website's frontpage,and that's
an order.

SEAN said...

Loving the Cthulhu forms & it's cool to see your loose non-final flow as well. I'm always interested to see the different steps in people's work.