Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Lovecraftian Cookbook

The Necronomnomnom. Well, I finished the art back in August, but the thing just got printed. I think we sold over 200 at the PAZ Unplugged convention in Philadelphia, and I did a drawing in the back of every book I saw sold.

I didn't write any of the really bad puns or any of the recipes- I was given the recipes and then I did a calligraphy version of them and just made up stuff to fill the page. The basic format of the book is that it's written like a tome of spells, somehow being gathered by a collector and the book itself. There are scrawlings, notes, and musings- most of which are scrawlings, notes and musings I made up as I went. I asked for some direction and there were things that came from the authors that needed to be on certain pages- like discreet shout outs to people who submitted recipes- but was basically given free reign. Somehow there isn't a single recipe with an octopus tentacle in it.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Work in progress update

There's a lot more on my personal blog. Since my drawings take very long, I've decided to do these work in progress updates more often. I'm working on many more but the ones I've chosen to show are the most presentable.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

back on painting

hey here! happy to find back my access, "login horror"

well, back on painting yes cause i did a few and continue, which's better than one here & then
i think i finally found a good way to color my cartoongory stuff
firstly by using small size panel of wood, 10 or 15cm wide or smaller
onto that i work more or less as illuminators did, using gum, animal glue & egg white, nothing vegan
plus natural colors handmade or not, medieval chemistry & a few experimental colors (such as nickeltitangelb, bleizinngelb or the chinese Han blue)
this iconic way, flat painting is better adapted to drawing than more modern way of painting (ie oily), well it's more or less like "gouache" or maybe acrylic painting, or a mix of that
also this makes me paint quite quickly which is good too!

if you like scientific side, i work here with 3 different sizer (in this order but sometimes 1 or 2 or 3 : animal glue, arabic gum, egg white)
animal glue fix the color for the light, it's opaque and close to water so the color is as it is from the powder
it's also unsoluble so you can work with layers, but opaque
then arabic gum bring enlightement, full color because of brightness, like sugar
as sugar the default is that gum is soluble so you can't work by layers, but this is a tool to work relief & volume by melting colors
then egg white is more brightness which increase translucency, closer to oil
with that you will down the colors but increase deepness
because of being insoluble it's protecting the underlayers but you can't mix colors
but the translucency give you opportunity to work with glazes, the dilution of color is infinite
when dry its opaque and flat but when painting you really approach oil realistic volumes