Friday, October 28, 2011


 I went to my first gig since Goblin in febuary, I rarely go to gigs anymore. HTRK have a new record out which I dont have, but I have the first two and they are great; one of the members died about a year ago and they are down to just two members now.
 A support band called Standish/Carlyon were really nice and atmospheric but when it got to HTRK, the sound levels were not right and some of the instruments just werent picking up, I felt sorry for the singer because it was her instruments and voice that was not picking up and she looked really uncomfortable not knowing whether her drum was going to work when she struck it and trying to sing loud enough. It looks like they gave up after 6 or 7 songs, which were able to create a pleasing enough swamp of sound but didnt have the impact they would have if everything was working. I really hope this didnt take the wind out their sails, it might have been the first date in the tour.

 I selected the song that got me hooked and I hope it will hook you too. It was produced by Rowland S Howard. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

hyel introducing post

i'm a little bit nervous to introduce myself.. because i'm not good and english..

anyway! i'm hyeyeol just call me hyel! and lived in seoul korea, good to see you!
um extually i've never thought about that my works are comprised in art
because i studyed comics and still studying comics..
beginning of my works are just junk for my desire

but now i'm so pleasure to join this interesting group.

i'm inspired by Ukiyo-e japanease style tattoo(Yirejeumi) that gives me strong impression only use line and face.
and i usually draw about Thanatos and eros especially the eros of narcissism and often contain mythicalness.
so my works are almost having symmetry structure like mirror.

the reason of the main characters of my works are having abnormal bodys
means perversive share or spurt of desire.


To answer your question, PORK is not a webzine, but has always been intended to be print only. I use the web to promote the magazine to people & so they can read it if it is not available in their city, which is mostly the case for anyone outside of the USA (shipping fees are very expensive!). PORK #4 had an a print run of 8000 copies & we only have a couple hundred left!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poor Fifi wants to murder humanity

Okay, here's Fifi (say hello)
A linocut made sometimes ago
I used 5 plates of lino, grand luxe!
I need to try to cut x colors in a single plate, but I also like doing like that, it give possibilities to work it again & to print this image like a silkscreen, cheaper than a classical print

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friday, October 07, 2011


INSIDE: Shannon & the Clams, Personal & the Pizzas, Cyclops, Wax Idols, the Hamburglars, John Casey, Ben Lyon, SMILE & the rest of the usual stuff! Plus new photo comics!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Just a drawing I did during my stay at Alkbazz's extraordinary bookshop, after Quentin Mabuse who did a version of Flemish painter Jan Gossaert (1478-1532, sometimes also called Mabuse). I suppose the fur coat got my attention.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps Series Two!!!

Monsters Weirdos and Creeps ad
For juvenile delinquents young & old, Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps are 27 depraved & deranged characters exploding from the trash can psyche of Sean Äaberg. For just $1 you get five randomly selected cards, each in full color on surprisingly stiff card material. On the fronts you get a Monster, Weirdo or Creep & on the backs you get 9 comics, 9 Wacky Mix-Ups & 9 puzzle pieces which construct a goofy scene of craziness. Each wrapper is even krammed with all kinds of kraziness! These are guaranteed boredom killers!
Check out this flickr gallery to see what you're getting into!

La Part Du Diable

Legendary underground publisher Le Dernier Cri has released a new book: (D)EVIL, for the exhibition La Part Du Diable which can be seen until 1st of November in Le Comptoir du Livre, a gallery/artbookstore in the centre of Liège, Belgium (20 En Neuvice, close to Liège Palais railway station). Participants are Benjamin Monti (B) who organised it all, Anne Van der Linden (F), Francesco Defourny (B), Pakito Bolino (F), Matthias Lehmann (F), Marie-Pierre Brunel / Yokogaga (F), P’tit Marc (B) and yours truly.

This is one of the drawings I submitted:

It's a combination of the classic 'so above, so below'-posture of Pazuzu (and God and numerous angels) and corporal punishment, in a Romanesque Vesica Piscis shape.