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Il faudra que j'y aille

Il faudra que j'y aille, première mise en ligne par Gaiihin\\\\\Yogœme.

The new issue of Hôptal Brût is out, with over 100 artists from all over (including yours truly). It's the Japanese issue, sporting a cover by the amazing Keiti Ôta. Le Dernier Cri does limited editions and no reprints, so get them while they are still available.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Patience and reward"

["Patience and reward". A4paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~26h of work ]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clash of the Pizza Deliveries (Introduction)

Hey folks!
This is my first entry on this fine blog. It's a painting from the year 2000. And a drawing from this year for a great punk band called Apache. These pics sum up my favourite things, music, paintings, movies and comix I guess.
More to come!

RAGs film report 4: Bad films with good bits

This is going to be brief because I honestly dont remember many bad films worth watching for some aspects, but I bought The Haunting remake because I loved the house in it, the only thing about it arguably better than the original. The film drags horribly long and goes on for another 40mins when you would expect it to end, but that house is so beautifully Baroque/Gothic that I'm glad I bought it. The is a really huge fireplace, a lovely large garden shed and an amazing mirror spinning music/dancing room. Someone could have made a far better film just going around that house for 15mins with a camera.

The other one is Devils Advocate, which I'll admit I've never watched with my full attention from start to finish, but it always given a strong impression of being bad. I hate it when someone gets Al Pacino in a film only to have him shout out lectures as if that will give a film automatic credibility.
The great thing about this film is there is a beautiful vortex sculpture that turns into a portal to hell or something like that, which gradually comes alive with all these stone people and turns to fire and spins perhaps to suck people into hell(cant remember) but it was incredible looking and I cant say I've ever seen anything quite like it. Some of the best usage of CGI I've ever seen. I thought it might all be in one small scene I could link to, but it is spread across several parts in the last third of the movie.
I havent forgotten I'm an artist, but I've been struggling still, but light has been appearing more often at the end of the tunnel and I'm more excited about the struggle now. It's still gonna take time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

VOIDI VOIDA exhibition at Le Petit Mignon

28 artists from across the planet fill the void in their own unique ways.

crippaXXXalmqvist-Paul O’ Connell-Zeke Clough-Laura O-Mathieu Desjardins-Noémie Barsolle-Lili Zerriss Konishchev-Terri Affleck-Chris Mostyn-Gaiihin Guin-Gareth Howls-Fufu Frauenwahl-Dennis Fuchs-Sean Aaberg-Sean Duffield-Dominic Beattie-Guillaume Soulatges-Zven Balslev-David Paleo-Jarvis Maul-Uland-Judy Goreland-Sylvain Gérand-Andre Lemos-Tony Burhouse-Aeron Alfrey-Marc Van Elburg

August 27th at 19:00
featuring instore gigs:
Blenno Und Die Wurstbrücke
info at:

August 27th - September 22nd
Le Petit Mignon (Staalplaat store), Flughafenstr. 38, 12053 Berlin Neukölln Metro U8 Boddinstr. / U7 Rathaus Neukölln
Tu - Sa 14:00/19:00

Flyer art by: crippaXXXalmqvist
Midwifery: Zeke Clough

When the fetus's have ridden off into the sunset on their hobby-horses, we are left with the afterbirth of the Voida Voida exhibition and three-part zine slowly oozing down the walls of Le Petit Mignon.


BANG 1, originally uploaded by SEAN ÄABERG.

So, i'm the Arts Editor for a new Arts & Culture weekly paper out of Eugene. Having done zines since i was 12 & now operating my own creative agency, it's funny to not do all the content myself & have things be delegated & tasks broken up. But, for something coming out every two weeks, it's definitely necessary. As part of my duties, i've taken on the task of reviewing as many art shows in town as possible, which is a surprising number. I'm also profiling artists & galleries, local brand mascots, graffiti & doing an "art's kool" feature in each issue & building up a solid comics page. People seem desperate for another voice in town & the response has been fantastique.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

new work

Hey everybody, some great stuff on the blog recently. Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I started my Masters, shits been hectic, but fun.

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["Innovation". A4,paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~20h of work ]

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Website Up

I have built and posted a new website (web address is the same). There isn't a ton of new stuff except I re-added the comic page gallery which I haven't had up since about 2007 and all the stuff on there was B&W and looked like my hand was being forced by Moebius. I posted all stuff in color. I think you guys will like them.
(i can't deep link I don't think but there is a comics tab)

Stay Off The Moors!!!

Here's a wolf created for a death metal band I'm working with right now. I'm experimenting with this illustration style, trying to go for a figurative depiction of the imagery through pure abstraction.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shaltmira : introduction

Hello to everyone,

I am Eglė Tamulytė, nickname Shaltmira, and as you can see – a new member of great team of artists. I am from Lithuania, a small country in Northern Europe.  A country of rain and basketball as it is a common thing to say here. About drawing. As usually children do, I also started very young. Remember myself stealing grandmothers pen and drowing „ladies“ when I was about 4 or 5. Stealing because it was rare thing to buy, or something, and when grandmother was seeing me drawing with it she was giving a pencil instead. As a child, I entered a local art classes in my village, Griškabūdis. I remember a strange drawing I made - „A cat which is going out of paper“.  In school years I finished music school, grand piano speciality, it took 6 years. And after that – art school, both in a small town Šakiai. During school, in 10th grade, I was decided to give up drawing and to study medicine after graduate. Also there was thoughts about chemistry and biochemistry, because I was good at exact sciences. But after all, in 11th grade I decided not to change my mind, and  as it is now, I do what I do. I am studying at Vilnius Art Academy, graphic arts, bachelor, 3rd course. About my approach to art. There are tons of stuff around the world people draw every day, and it is ridiculous thought to be the one, unique, but... we all believe in that, because otherwise there is no reason to do that. I have chosen this way of life, and I will do my best. Nothing gives me more satisfaction that to see my vision come true. Creating something is selfish thing. All centers about you. I see nothing around when I draw, nothing interests me, just the vision, which I want to convey on paper, or canvas. I look at great artists and they give me inspiration. About influences. My „bible“ is the books of Samuel Beckett. He speaks my language of thoughts. Music : the base of black metal. Now I am more open-minded for various styles, but BM never leaves me. Movies: the main is horror cinema, but also I appreciate french new wave, film noir, German Expressionist cinema ,independent..  About artists. The main character that inspired me is Leonor Fini. Of lithuanian artists I can name Šarūnas Sauka. And of the latest persons : Diane Arbus, tattoo artist Robert - , Martin Bladh, Joel-Peter Witkin, Dennis Dread...  The new series of artworks I started are called „The suffocate with rage“ and these are inspired by Valerie Solanas manifesto SCUM. I am not feminist, and it was quite funny while reading. But just tried to imaged how her ideas would look, and  decided to take chance to draw it. Speaking about art I think it is a personal thing, others may like the stuff you do, or not. For me, it makes no difference. The main purpose of creating for me is to find suitable way for myself and to become enough skillful to do what I want. Of course I believe, that art should be provocate, thoughtful and masterly, but also I think that there are decisions of moments, decisions you make everytime while sitting to the table to draw. If a mood is right, I will draw 14 hours and will make something precise, if it is the other mood, I will just draw comix and both of them satisfies me as well. And for the end : there are no limits, there are no shameful, improper or perverted  art . if so - it is just not the right eye looking at the picture.

["Suffocate with rage" series : "Spurious game". A4,paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~12h of work]
  ["Suffocate with rage" series: "Tickle to death". A4,paper, 0,25 rapidograph, ~14h of work ]

Blog Banner that I got paid for. Cash rules everything around me.

Oh great. A banana. How original.
Just a quick, silly sketch of monkeys in medieval style. I recently learnt on the excellent gotmedieval.blogspot that there is a good reason for monkeys to feature on the margins of medieval books so often. They may look like humans, and imitate human in their behaviour, but never achieve human status -with the christian morality that comes with it, of course. Nonetheless, I can imagine that monks (and also nuns, because they drew illuminations too - but hey, women artists are still often overlooked) had lots of fun with them. It looks quite cartoony. What's also interesting to me, is the fact that the monkeys don't quite look like real monkeys - their noses are too low, like goats', and their furs often have strange frills, a stylisation you never get to see elsewhere.

Friday, September 03, 2010

RAG's Film Report part 3: Extreme Hong Kong

Considering how conservative Hong Kong cinema usually is, it's really quite a shock when you find out about some of the extreme movies they have produced, some of the most extreme films ever made, equal to any of the sick movies to come from anywhere. An example of the contrast is when the already married Sammo Hung fell in love with a different woman, he divorced his then-wife out of respect, but because of the divorce, his popularity plummeted despite the steady quality of his new films. It has been said that he could have maintained much better popularity if he had cheated on his wife, and kept the sacred marriage going. Fucking crazy Hong Kong.

Untold Story/Bunman/Human Porkchop, Dr Lamb and Ebola Syndrome all have fearsome reputations, but I wasnt really interested in any of them enough to add them to an overly large list of movies I wanted to get over with within months. But then I heard about Red To Kill. A film with probably the most shocking concept for a movie I'd ever heard. Basically it's about a rapist who goes after a mentally disabled girl, and I wanted to see how someone would approach and execute such a horrible idea in a movie. I have a feeling that this movie could never be made in Hong Kong now, hard to imagine it being made anywhere now.

The film looks like Dario Argento quite a lot, with the dark scenery bathed in red/blue lighting and a bad guy whose face you never quite get to see properly at the beginning. The rape scenes are definitely pornographic, with as much emphasis on the body of the rapist as the bodies of the female victims. You get the feeling they really wanted to show off his body, his fantastic buttocks showcased with a jock-strap. The transormation of the actor playing the rapist is incredible, hard to believe it is the same man, but it is. He at first appears to be a small thin caring sensitive person,, but reveals himself as this large muscular veiny throbbing furious screaming monster just boiling with negative energy. This is a really harsh depressing movie and despite the really questionable exploitative content, I've seen almost exclusively positive responses of the internet reviews I can find, several people said it made them cry. I'd really like to see a roundtable of more politically correct people dissect and argue over it, or atleast ones who arent throwing around the word "misogynist" as if they are trying to strip the word of its meaning. Remember those good old words like "chauvinist" and "dickhead"?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

My 37th sketchbook has a painted cover now... I hadn't done anything with the lycantrope theme in my medieval stuff sofar.